Game Strategy and Tactics in Aviator

How to win the aviator crash game on 1win or 1xbet? To do this, you need to know the secrets of winning and game tactics, some tricks and Pin Up. We will tell you how to win online. First of all, if you are a beginner player, do not aim for large profits right away, otherwise there is a risk of going into loss. Approach the game wisely to achieve success.

Aviator is a strategy game where you control an airplane. First, you need to choose the type and size of the bet. The minimum is 10 cents, and you can make two bets at once. There is a trick – progressive bets. You increase the deposit amount after losing, and decrease it after winning. Thus, in the future, you can become a leader. The system is called Martingale. There are others:

  • Another strategy is to find patterns in the round, despite randomness. Experienced players know that the flight time of an airplane can be tracked. But this tactic should be used with caution.
  • The Labouchere system – bets are made in a series, after each deposit, the first and last digits are crossed out. In case of winning, the transition to the next bet is carried out, and in case of losing, the amount of the bet goes to the end of the series.
  • Fibonacci system – the numbers are not crossed out, but added up in case of loss. If the first bet loses, the second is the sum of the first two. And so on.
  • D’Alembert system – after losing, the bet is increased by one, and after winning, it is decreased by the same amount.
  • Password system – after winning, the bet is doubled, after losing, it is reset. This results in a streak of wins and losses.

It should be noted that none of the strategies provides a hundred percent guarantee, but they are still effective. Choose the option that suits you best.

Description of the Game Aviator

Aviator is a game where the size of the winnings depends on the height of the airplane’s ascent. The height is influenced by coefficients determined by the final bet. The main feature is to stop at the right moment. If the airplane disappears before the bet is cashed out, the gamer loses the funds. This is a brief overview of the game, but there are also some features.

From the description of the Aviator game, it can be understood that the process itself is exciting and quickly addictive. Developers offer a free application in the Play Market and AppStore. This is a gambling strategy that is becoming increasingly popular.

Rules of the Game Aviator

If you are interested in the Aviator game, the rules of the game can be found in the slot settings. If desired, you can change the sound, animation, and limits within the format. There is an opportunity to check the fairness, as the history of take-offs is saved. You can analyze these results, see statistics for a certain period, and develop your own game algorithm.

Playing the airplane for money provides for a 97 percent payout, as indicated in the rules. Novices usually choose single bets to concentrate their attention and learn to control their earnings. Applications can be downloaded from the official game resources.

The Tactics of Minimal Risk

You are unlikely to quickly get a huge win, but you will be able to gradually master the game. At the beginning, the number of losses is minimal. This tactic is based on small coefficients. To do this, in the round, you need to choose a multiplier within 1.10-1.25. You can use the options of autobetting and autocashout. Rounds with this approach are lost in a minimum number, and the balance increases smoothly. Later, you can make larger bets and increase the earning speed.

The Tactic of Moderate Risk

This strategy is chosen by those who are not afraid to lose and have a sufficient amount on their balance. You need to catch a multiplier from 2 to 4. The winning percentage is 45%. You can choose an even higher coefficient. In case of luck, the winnings will be good.

High Risk Tactic for Quick Earnings

This is an opportunity to earn money quickly. This tactic is used by desperate players who are confident in their luck. The task here is to catch a large coefficient – 100. Higher ones are rare, about once every 1.5 hours. The time can be tracked in history. Pick the right moment and place your bets. We wish you good luck in the game.

Game Strategy for Two Simultaneous Bets

The earnings strategy in the Aviator game, based on 2 bets, is similar to when you make one bet. The player will only need more attention to reduce the risks. When choosing game schemes in Aviator, first try autocashout and autobetting with a coefficient of 1.2. Then you can reduce the risks and try playing in Aviator at x10, figuring out how to play. Risky gamers multiply the first bet by 40 and the second by 100. With this approach, the entire balance will not be lost immediately, and there will be a chance to get impressive coefficients.


The described tactics are not fundamental and universal. You can come up with your own strategy, take a risk, and win. Remember that the result depends on the random number generator working on the principle of randomness. Players share their schemes in special sections of websites dedicated to the Aviator game.

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  1. Madhu

    I play Aviator, without putting in too much effort. There are no strict rules here, everything is clear and accessible. It mostly depends on whether you are a risky person or not. I like to take risks, so I often end up losing. I am advised to withdraw the money earlier for winning. But for me, playing is more about relaxation and leisure.

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